softly designed living room with a blue couch to the left, patterned pillows on top...etc

Bone Hollow Studio is the meeting of rural tranquility and custom design.

top corner of dark barn peaking above a meadow

Located in New York’s Hudson Valley, we specialize in curated and welcoming homes.

white farmhouse with wildflowers in foreground

A boutique development company.

Our work is founded on the belief that form and function are the sine qua non of a well-designed home.

We apply that perspective to projects of every size, from home furnishing to new construction.

The spaces we create are characterized by luxurious textures, quality materials, and a minimalistic style, because we believe that the way your home feels is just as significant as how it looks.

In collaboration with local trades.

Through our partnership with a renowned local builder, Jeromy Wells, of Hudson Valley Homes & Renovations, we offer clean and gracious motifs that are thoughtfully sited in a quiet, introspective setting.

The spaces we live in give us a protected and intimate feeling.